Litespeed option in the VPS offer

Litespeed option in the VPS offer

Our customers can now choose LiteSpeed instead of Apache for their servers. A much faster solution.

When ordering a new VPS you can now choose the apache alternative in the order form.

What is LiteSpeed?

It is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from Litespeed technologies.

There are other alternatives like NGINX, but in the end, LiteSpeed is a simpler and faster alternative.

It can be used to replace an existing Apache web server literally in a click.

The performance difference is amazing, it can avoid the need of any upgrade or server replacement because of low-performance issues, we have seen it in the past.

It works seamlessly with WordPress, including one of the best Cache plugins available. LiteSpeed Cache.

Litespeed Web Server Features

It has superior performance in terms of both raw speed and scalability.

Much faster than Apache while serving PHP contents. 

LiteSpeed server Performance & Scalability

Increases the performance & scalability of web hosting platforms and internet servers through its unique event-driven architecture.

It has the capability of serving thousands of clients simultaneously with minimum usage of server resources such as Memory and CPU.

It also can help in managing a DDOS attack without any DDOS mitigation hardware.

Cost Effective

Switching to LiteSpeed is not cheap but if you think that you are avoiding the need to upgrade your hardware it is really a good choice.

We will install and configure LiteSpeed for you. No extra charge.

Get your VPS running today faster than ever.

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