Windows VPS with pre-configured template

Windows VPS with pre-configured template

A virtual private server, or VPS, is what stays in between mass-market shared servers and the high-end dedicated servers. Now you can have your Windows VPS in less than 5 minutes.

Virtual server hosting plans give users more control and computing resources by dividing the server among a small group of customers.

While a shared server might host thousands of sites, a VPS is reserved for a dozen or fewer clients. A VPS runs its own operating system and acts as a dedicated server.

Most VPS providers nowadays only offer Linux OS on their VPS offer. You can still use ASP.NET on Linux OS but it will force you to find the right modules to make it happen.

Because of this and to make it more practical to our customers, besides the option to run Windows on our VPS offer, we also add a pre-configured template to make it really simple and fast to get your Windows 10 online.

With the same infrastructure and branded servers, our customers can now run and install Windows 10 in five minutes, in a cheap windows vps.

Support on our Windows VPS Offer

Upgrading from a shared hosting plan to a VPS can come with increased technical responsibilities.

Custom hardware and software configurations mean specialized management processes to make sure everything is running smoothly and securely.

For those customers who lack the experience or time for server administration, as usual, we are able to help. Our Specialists in Windows environment can and will help you if needed.

Remember, you can have your VPS with windows server or Windows 10 in a infrastructure with branded servers and SSD, this way you can always count on a fast an reliable service.

Check out our offer here and select the VPS that is suitable for you. If any concerns or doubts arise please contact us through the chat support always available on our website here.

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